John Edward - Published Author & Renowned International Psychic


Since 1998, when John Edward burst onto the scene as an entertainer and psychic with the publication of One Last Time, his media presence grew to include two television shows, seven published fiction and nonfiction books, three self-help audiobooks, and his own recurring Las Vegas event. Presently, Mr. Edward travels the United States and Canada, with a handful of appearances in Ireland, offering his gifts as a medium to individuals, small groups, large groups, and seminars. With a rigorous travel schedule, fans and those seeking his insights have ample opportunity to view Mr. Edward as he works in front of a live audience or in a more intimate setting, depending on the particular event or prearranged private session. John Edward connects with spirits related to his client or audience member and relays messages or thoughts from the other side. Often, these messages are cryptic, or take an allegorical form, and come to Mr. Edward in a variety of modes, including sights, sounds, and smells. The personalized nature of the messages requires the individual to translate a personal meaning from the input Mr. Edward receives.

For the benefit of his followers, John Edward utilizes a free newsletter, available through his website,, to communicate dates of appearances, openings for private readings, and his musings on an array of topics. Recently, Mr. Edward leveraged the power of new interactive technology to offer The Five, an online community to gain closer access to him. Five members of the community are selected at random each month for personal readings, connecting with Mr. Edward over the phone for this unique experience. Additionally, random groups of five members receive either a pair of tickets to the next show in their area, one question answered, or bundles of merchandise. All members who join The Five receive a free autographed book from John Edward and access to the special content only available to the community.